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Naturcrem® is the new range of ORGANIC cream soups ready to be consumed and enjoyed in their own tub.

Ready to eat

At any time, anywhere.
The format of Naturcrem® cream soups is designed to allow you to enjoy all the flavour of the vegetables, wherever you are.

Organic farming

The organic preparation offers us quality natural options, they are very nutritional and full of flavour, and fully respect the environment. No chemical substances have been used on these foods and the local products and land are fully respected. You will easily recognise an organic product by the logos and EU certificates that are displayed on the labels, ensuring their quality.

Quality product

Only a great product can create a great meal from a cream soup. We carefully select the best organic raw materials to achieve it.


It is guaranteed that organic food has been produced in a manner that is respectful of the natural environment and maintaining all its qualities, and, as such, it is very healthy and full of flavour.. Nutrition and farming experts ensure that organic products have a higher nutritional value than those produced with chemicals or additives.


There is no age limit when it comes to eating well, easily and enjoyably. The format and flavours of Naturcrem® are created for the whole family. Try them!

8 flavours

The subtlety of pumpkin, the Mediterranean flavour, the best mushrooms, the benefits of spinach with Chlorella… a different experience in each of the 8 cream soups..


Our cream soups are prepared with the best organic
farming products
: natural, healthy ingredients that
will make you feel good wherever you are.

A new format for tasting
our organic vegetables!


In each spoonful of Naturcrem® you will find the
nutrients necessary for enjoying the flavour
in the most healthy and sustainable way.