We are committed to the Environment. We are aware of the consumption of primary resources and its environmental impact. As such, we consider an adequate purchasing and manufacturing policy to be fundamental, as well as responsible waste management. This social and environmental development takes place in a context of permanent growth, which is reflected in our international expansion plan, in which we sell our product in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our Products

Naturcrem® is the new range of
cream soups ready to be consumed
and enjoyed in their own tub. Only

Healthy, quality and
gluten-free ingredients.

Ready to eat

At any time,
. The format of naturcrem® cream
soups is designed to allow you to
enjoy, all the flavour of the
vegetables, wherever you are.

Organic farming

The objective of organic farming is
to obtain quality foods that
respect the environment. Because if it is good
for nature, it is good for you.


Only natural products, because
only natural products bring your body
, energy, health and more

Quality product

Only a great product can create
a great meal from a cream soup.

We carefully select the best
organic raw materials to
achieve this.


There is no age limit when it comes to
eating well, easily and enjoyably. The format and
flavours of naturcrem® are designed
for the whole family
. Try them!

8 flavours

The subtlety of the pumpkin,
the mediterranean flavour, the best mushrooms, the benefits of
spinach with chlorella…
a different experience